I am a PhD candidate at Macquarie University. I love all things marine but am particularly interested in coastal ecosystems and the processes driving these systems. I love community and behavioural ecology and am focussed on understanding how humans impact on this.

I am also passionate about science communication and believe that becoming an effective communicator in this day and age is essential. Increasingly we are drawing on social media and blog posts as our information sources and the ability to present our research in all mediums is essential. It is becoming more and more essential that scientists can communicate their work to a broad and diverse audience and while there will always be a place for scientific reporting it is vital that we can communicate to those of us who are not scientists.

“The arts and sciences need to work together to improve how knowledge is communicated. The idea that many Australians – including our new PM and my distant cousin Nick – believe that the science of anthropogenic global warming is controversial, is a powerful indicator of the extent of our failure to communicate”
Tim Minchin, Occasional Address – University of WA 2013


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