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A research masters student currently studying at Macquarie University. My interests are in coastal marine ecosystems. I like the interaction between the urban and the marine environments and the specialised environments that the fauna have evolved to survive in such variable environments.

I’m still standing; surviving (academic) rejection

I recently completed my Masters of Research (MRes) at Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia. The MRes is a two year program consisting of one year of coursework and a one year research project. I had always received good marks in … Continue reading

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Drought, deluge and elevated CO2 – A large-scale approach to understanding climate change

Predictions for future climate are varied, however, what is certain is that we will see changes to both temperature and precipitation regimes across the globe. While the impacts of temperature are widely assessed, it is not as common to see … Continue reading

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Predicting Climate Change in the Pacific Region – Are climate models working?

Small islands in the Pacific and East Timor are facing serious challenges from future climate change, in fact the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change identified these small island states as being the most vulnerable countries of the world to the … Continue reading

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Science communication in the Australian media – How do we do it better?

It is an interesting era in which to be a scientist. For the first time in almost a century the federal government has not got a science portfolio and so Australia do not have a federal minister for science. We … Continue reading

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Bats – Reservoirs for devastating pathogens

It may be difficult for the most of us to find bats endearing, especially when we learn that not only do they harbour an extraordinary number of diseases but they do so without getting so much as a minor cold. … Continue reading

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Spatial Information Systems – Overwhelming concept or invaluable conservation tool?

Mention the term Spatial Information Systems (SIS) to many a biologist or ecologist and you may get a blank look or even worse a look of terror. For many of us the extent of our knowledge and interaction with SIS … Continue reading

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Prey Behaviour – Is it really important?

When we think about the removal of predators from a natural ecosystem system quite often what we expect to see is an increase in the previously hunted prey. What we don’t expect to see are significant changes in prey behaviour, … Continue reading

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